1.Office Service Hours

Office service will be closed From February 1st (Mon), 2021.

*To avoid spreading COVID-19, issuing cercificates in person is suspended.
Please refer to Certificate page and send a request by postal mail.

*For inquiries, please e-mail at Graduate Office at Daigakuin.e at gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp.
※ Replace "at" with @ mark.

*Advanced notification by e-mail is required to visit the office. Wear a mask and keep sanitized when entering campus and stay home when you have a fever or do not feel well.



2.Office Being Closed(as of April 1, 2020)

  ※Due to examinations, events, and so on, office will be closed as follows:


August 13 (Thu.) - 14 (Fri.), 2020
August 27 (Thu.), 2020
November 24 (Tues.), 2020 Afternoon [Graduate Office]
December 28 (Mon.), 2020 - January 3 (Sun.), 2021
January 15 (Fri.), 2021 Afternoon 
February 15 (Mon.) - 16 (Tues.), 2021
February 24 (Wed.), 2021 Afternoon
February 25 (Thu.) - 26 (Fri.), 2021
March 18 (Thu.) - 19 (Fri.), 2021
 ※Subject to change.




  Undergraduate Office:03-5841-5552

  Graduate Office:03-5841-5555


  ※Current students should come to office for inquiries or information in general, instead of calling or     e-mailing us excluding on emergency. Follow above instructions from February 1st, 2021.

  ※We can not disclose current and former students' private information to the third party.