Faculty/Graduate School of Economics, UTokyo For Prospective Students

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    Faculty of Economics

    Faculty of Economics (Senior Division) is located at Hongo campus, where students who are in their third year and above belong to. Upon enrollment at the University of Tokyo, students are enrolled in the junior Division of the College of Arts and Sciences at Komaba campus until the end of their second year. During their second year, students decide which faculty they are to proceeed from their thrid year. This is referred to as 'Shingaku Sentaku' (Admissions to Senior Division). The course duration for the undergraduate program at the University of Tokyo is four years; students are educated at the College of Arts and Sciences in the Junior Division for the first two years and at the faculties in the Senior Division for the subsequent two years. After advancing to the Faculty of Economics, students belong to one of the following departments: Economics, Management, or Finance. At the completion of the program, a Bachelor of Economics is conferred on graduates.

    At the Faculty of Economics, lectures are mainly offered in Japanese.

    Please refer to the faculty overview PDF (available in Japanese only) on career paths of our graduates.

    For information regarding the admission to the undergraduate program at the University of Tokyo, please refer to the admission guide for prospective students provided by the University headquarters.

    Graduate School of Economics

    Graduate School of Economics is located at Hongo campus and offers 2-year master’s program and 3-year doctoral program. Graduate School of Economics has two divisions and six departments. Within the Division of Economics, there are Departments of Economics, Statistics, Area Studies, and Economic History. Within the Division of Management, there are Departments of Management and Quantitative Finance. Students can take courses based on their interests and preferences, irrespective of their affiliated division or department. At the Department of Economics, there are many English-taught courses, of which core courses such as microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics are offered in English.

    To enroll in the Graduate School of Economics, all students need to take and pass the entrance examinations. International students should take and pass the same entrance examinations as Japanese applicants. Graduate School of Economics does not conduct special selection for international students.

    As for entrance examinations about post-graduate program, please refer to the graduate school admission page for master's program/doctoral program .

    To complete each program, a student must have been enrolled at each program for defined years, have obtained defined credits by taking courses including any required courses, have received sufficient research guidance, and have passed the screening of the master’s degree thesis or doctoral dissertations and its defense. Upon completion of the program, students in the Division of Economics will be awarded a Master of Economics or a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics degree. In the Division of Management, students will be awarded a Master of Management or a Doctor of Philosophy in Management degree.

    Please refer to the graduate school overview PDF (available in Japanese only) on career paths for our graduates.