Graduate School of Economics


★Please look here for Academic Calendar for Graduate School Students.
★Please look here for the class cancel schedule, make-up class, and time/classroom changing.
★Please look here for class cancellation in case of inclement weather (eg, typhoon) .
★Please look here for exemptions of admission fee/tuition.


2019.4.22 [Note] For M2 Students: [JSPS] Research Fellowships for Young Scientists (A fellowship for students who would like to advance to the Doctoral Program)
- Please look here for the procedure (Japanese version only).
  * Eligibility: As of April 1st 2020
   · DC1: Enrolled in first year of doctoral course
   · DC2: Enrolled in second year or higher of doctoral course
  * Application Deadline: May 14th 2019
  * By on-line application system of JSPS
  * You need to require the ID and Password for on-line
   application in advance. Send an email to Graduate School
   Office in GSE.
- Please refer to the JSPS Website as well.

2019.2.26 [Note] Students Required to take the Medical Check-ups as follows:
-Please look here for new students admitted in April, 2019.
-Please look here for current students.

2019.6.19 [Exam] About special term examinations [PDF]
2019.7.17 [Proc.] The University of Tokyo Grants for Ph.D Researcher [PDF]
-Application forms are handed out at graduate school office.