*To avoid spreading COVID-19, issuing certificates in person is still suspended.

If you wish us to issue any certificate, ask us to do so by postal mail.

Please note that it takes longer time to issue certificates than usual.

The Undergraduate Office of the Faculty of Economics issues certificates only when the student concerned requests it in person and can be identified as having done so.

A. Variety of Certificates

The Undergraduate Section (Kyomu Kakari) issues the following certificates:

    certifies that he/she is a student of the Faculty of Economics, the University of Tokyo.
    certifies the records of the courses he/she studied during his/her stay at the Faculty of Economics, the University of Tokyo.
    certifies that he/she graduated from the Faculty of Economics, the University of Tokyo with a degree, a Bachelor of Economics.
    certifies that he/she withdrew from the Faculty of Economics, the University of Tokyo.
  5. Others
    Regarding certificates other than those mentioned above, please talk with staff of the Undergraduate Section before applying for certificates.
    Tel: +81-3-5841-5552
    Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 17:00
    Office closed : Weekends and holidays

B. Days to Issue

According to the Undergraduate Section, certificates in Japanese will be issued normally on the same day as the Undergraduate Section receives the application. Certificates in English require about one week for processing.

C. How to Apply for Certificates

C-1. in person
Please visit the Undergraduate Section and/or the Graduate Section and complete the necessary application procedures. Please be sure to bring an official ID card with your photo (e.g., Driver's license, passport, student ID card, etc.) with you when you visit the sections. The sections issue certificates and gives them only to the person whom they confirm is/was our student.

C-2. by mail
If you cannot visit the offices (e.g., you are outside Japan), you can apply for the certificate(s) by postal mail. An application sent by e-mail and/or fax will NOT be processed. You can NOT ask a staff member of the office to issue any certificates by phone. Please Download the form from here.

Please be sure to send a copy of official ID card with your photo (e.g., Driver's license, passport, student ID card, etc.) also with your request form.

If you are unable to download the form, please provide a written request in English or Japanese with the following items include:

  1. your name (when you apply for certificates in English, your English name is also needed.)
  2. your current address and phone number
  3. which certificate you would like to obtain
    (e.g., SHUSHI SEISEKI SHOMEISHO in Japanese, HAKASE SHURYO SHOMEISHO in English, etc.)
  4. how many pieces you would like to obtain
  5. the reason why you would like to obtain the certificate(s)
  6. the name of the institution where you will submit the certificate(s)
  7. the dates of enrollment and completion or withdrawal
  8. the names of course and program for which you register(ed)

You need to enclose with your written request a self-addressed envelope and sufficient Japanese postage stamps if returning to a Japanese address or international reply coupons if returning to an address outside Japan. Mailing cost differs depending on the total weight of the certificates you would like to obtain. To obtain this information, please ask any staff member of the offices before sending the application.

D. Verification and Confirmation

In recent days, some companies and/or agencies request us to verify and confirm the certificates that our students submitted for matriculation or employment. We are very sorry to tell you that Undergraduate and Graduate Section can NOT disclose any private information about our present or former students to a third party. Even if the student concedes a disclosure, we can NOT change this rule. This is a formal rule and is strictly enforced without exception. Thank you for your understanding.