Faculty/Graduate School of Economics, UTokyo For Current Students

Term Exams

Exam Schedule in 2023/2024 Academic year

How to Take Examination

  1. It is strictly prohibited to do unfair practices during the examination and it would be taken into serious consideration if any unfair practices are made.
  2. To "drop" the course after entering the examination room is not accepted by any means.
  3. If the course is scheduled to have an examination, the class instructor may not substitute reporting for the examination by taking a student's personal circumstances into concerns.
  4. Students need to arrive at the classroom 10 minutes before the starting time of the examination. Students are not allowed to enter the examination room once it is started. Only in special circumstances may you enter the room and take the examination provided that it is within 30 minutes from the starting time.
  5. There are no make-ups under any circumstances. When public transportation may be delayed due to bad weather, you need to arrive in plenty of time.
  6. When public transportation is completely halted and a large number of students are unable to come to the university, an emergency procedure could be taken on certain occasions by putting off the starting and ending time of examinations.
  7. When you enter the examination room, show your Student ID card at the entrance and take a seat according to the seating ticket given at the entrance. When you forget to bring your student ID card, go to the Undergraduate Office and apply for one day temporary student ID card.
  8. Put your student ID card and a seating ticket on your desk so that Proctors can check who you are.
  9. You are not allowed to change the seating arrangement without Proctor's permission.
  10. You must clear the desk except for student IDs, writing instruments (excluding a plastic sheet) and those items students are permitted to bring into. You should ask a Proctor in advance if you need a plastic sheet.
  11. One sheet of answering sheet is to be distributed and supplementary answering sheets will not be provided.
  12. You are required to fill in name, student ID number and other requisites at the upper side of the answering sheet.
  13. Your student ID number is substituted for the examination's entry number and should be used in every answering sheet.
  14. No talking once you entered the examination room.
  15. You are not allowed to go out the examination room without Proctor's permission once the examination is started and you are not permitted to dismiss the first and the last 30 minutes of the examination time.
  16. When the time is up, you must immediately put your pencil down and submit the answering sheet according to the instruction from the Proctor. Any answering sheets worked on after the examination time shall be regarded as void.
  17. In the examination room, you must follow all the instruction given from the Proctor.