Faculty/Graduate School of Economics, UTokyo For Current Students


For Master's and Doctoral Students

There are various privately sponsored scholarships that are available to international students. In some cases applications are made directly to the sponsoring organizations, while in the others applications are made through UTokyo.

Candidates eligible for the scholarships applied through UTokyo are limited to current and admitted students those who have pre-registered PDFat the Graduate School of Economics, UTokyo. Recent increase in the number of international students has made it highly competitive for them to be awarded scholarships.

We suggest you look into the list of scholarships Offered by Private Organizations under the direct application category regularly.
Some scholarships under the direct application category instruct students to receive a proof of confirmation from the Graduate School of Economics. In that case, we set the internal application deadline a few weeks before the closing date of the scholarship application. Be sure to check the details at Notice for the deadlines at our office.