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The University of Tokyo Housing Office's website provides helpful advice on how to search your housing from "University of Tokyo Residence Halls" to privately operated apartments, and explains the procedures, customs, and other features of Japan's apartment rental system.

University of Tokyo Residence Halls

Room applications are taken twice a year, in January (for admission in April) and June (for admission in October). Please check Notice and take necessary procedures at GAIA. Unfortunately due to the limited number of vacancies, not all applications can be filled and new enrollees are prioritized in selection process.

Private Apartments

Some of the international students may wish to rent a private apartment and some will have to as a result of no vacancies in the student's dorm. In either the case, you must bear in mind the following costs to be incurred when renting a room.

The average rent for a one room apartment in Tokyo is about 60,000 to 80,000 yen per month. Deposit (shikikin) costs generally an amount equivalent to two months' rent which is refundable but will be deducted on your failure in paying rents, damage, cleaning, or else. Key Money (reikin), a sort of monetary gift paid to the landlord generally equivalent to two months' rent. It is not refunded. Insurance (hokenryoo) Many landlords and real estate agents require tenants to enroll in a property insurance policy. The premium for a two-year lease generally costs somewhere between 10,000 yen to 20,000 yen. Commission (chukai tesuuryoo) to the real estate agent costs generally equivalent to one month's rent, plus 5% consumption tax.

Guarantor : Almost all apartment leases in Japan require a guarantor (rentai hoshoonin), a person who co-signs the lease to share liability (jointly and severally) with the tenant for any debts to the lessor. Generally, Japanese students ask a family member (parent, sibling, etc.) to serve this role, but since international students often have trouble finding a guarantor, the University of Tokyo will act as your guarantor if you meet certain eligibility requirements. Please contact the International Support Group for more details.