Faculty/Graduate School of Economics, UTokyo For Current Students

Procedures for Graduate Students

If you are in such a case as mentioned below, immediately notify the graduate school office by documents. Each notification form is provided at the graduate school office.

In particular, the notifications for ⑤ to ⑨ should be made at least one month earlier than when the situation for notification occurs.
Failure to do so may result in such a disadvantage as financial obligation for tuition payment against your intention.

① When you change your place of residence

Notification for Change of Address/Residence (JUSHO HENKO TODOKE)

② When you change your name

Notification for Name Change (KAISEIMEI TODOKE)

③ When you have lost your student identification card

Request for Reissuance of Student Identification Card (GAKUSEISHOU SAIKOUFU NEGAI)

Notify the police nearby just in case so as to prevent unauthorized use of your lost card.

④ A Student Commuter Certificate

A Student Commuter Certificate is required when purchasing a Commuter Pass between the train station/bus stop closest to your residence and the station or stop nearest to the campus of your Faculty or Graduate School.

Student Discounts (Commuting, Travel and Selected Museums) blank

※This certificates can be obtained from the Graduate School Office when you enter the UTokyo.
※You cannot obtain if you are taking the leave of absence.

⑤ When you take a leave of absence

Depending on your reason for absence, you may need a certificate verifying the reason. So, please make sure to get instructions from the office. When you extend the period of absence, please follow the same procedure. The period of absence will not be extended automatically without your application.

★In case of taking a leave of absence for study abroad

Purchase of and enrollment to OSSMA (Oversea Student Safety Management Assistance) OSSMAblankwill be optional.

⑥ When you want to study abroad

Please apply to the graduate school office.

⑦ When you withdraw from school

Please receive Request for Withdrawal (TAIGAKU NEGAI) at the graduate school office and submit it to the office.

※When you withdraw from school, please make sure to submit Request for Withdrawal. Even if you do not indicate your intention of reenrollment when your period of absence has expired, you are not automatically regarded as withdrawn without your application. Failure to submit the request may result in financial obligation for tuition payment against your intention.

⑧ When you reenroll 

Request for Reenrollment (FUKUGAKU NEGAI)
When your period of absence expires, please make sure to submit the request for reenrollment.

⑨ When you extend your enrollment period

Notification for Extension of Enrollment Period (ZAIGAKUKIKAN ENCHOU TODOKE)
When you extend the enrollment period and the period exceeds the years required for graduation (Master’s courses: 2 years, Doctoral courses: 3 years, * the period of absence will not be included), please make sure to submit the notification for extension of enrollment period.

⑩ When you go abroad

Either of notifications below must be submitted. For international students, submit a Notification for Temporary Absence from Japan (ICHIJI KIKOKU TODOKE)>
For other students, submit a Notification for Overseas/Domestic Travel (RYOKO TODOKE)

When you go abroad for research purposes as a JSPS Research Fellowships for Young Scientist

Such as participating in a research conference or conducting a research, purchase of and enrollment to OSSMA (Oversea Student Safety Management Assistance) OSSMAblank will be optional from the academic year of 2017.

⑪ When you want to receive an e-mail for safety confirmation service 

In order to receive e-mail for safety confirmation service, you must register an up-to-date e-mail address.
Please log into UTAS, go to ▶Student Information ▶Current Address and enter the newest address.