Faculty/Graduate School of Economics, UTokyo For Current Students

Doctoral Dissertations for UTIPE students

Evaluation criteria for conferring degrees and the submission of Doctoral dissertaion in the Graduate School of Economics are as follows:

I. Criteria for conferring a degree

Doctoral program:A dissertation submitted by a candidate that has sufficient academic value in the specialized field of economics. The candidate is considered to possess the ability to carry out research activities in their chosen field as an independent researcher.

II. In Writing Doctoral dissertations

When you write a master's thesis or a doctoral dissertation, you should keep in mind your moral responsibility toward it. You should also read through the following "Guidelines for Writing Research Papers and Theses" and "Code of Conduct for Scientific Research" carefully and make a signed statement that you will observe the rules including those stipulated in them when you submit your master's thesis.

III. Submission of Theses

Doctoral program

Students who wish to submit a doctoral dissertation must be enrolled in a doctoral program for more than two years and have earned the required number of credits (10 credits) or more as stipulated in Article 10 of "The University of Tokyo Rules for the Graduate School of Economics." The students also must complete and earn 4 credits or more for Research Guidance as listed in the appendix of "The University of Tokyo Rules for the Graduate School of Economics." A student who wishes to have the program length reduced should refer to Article 20 of "The University of Tokyo Rules for the Graduate School of Economics" and must consult the Graduate Office.

Submission period

Registration of dissertation title: Up to two months before the submission of the dissertation. (Registration is valid for four months.)

Doctoral dissertations: Not specified but submit before the end of designated month if you plan to earn a doctorate degree within the same academic year.
[April enrollment] By the end of November
[October enrollment] By the end of April
※ UTIPE Students must write doctoral dissertations in English.


Please read the notice and obtain the forms from given links below.(Do not write by hand.)

Submission of a dissertation by whom withdraw from the Doctoral Program under specified condition:

Students who have left the school after satisfying the required period of attendance for the completion of a doctoral program, earned the required credits and completed the Research Guidance may submit a dissertation for a review and sit the final examination within three years of withdrawal according to Article 4, Paragraph 2 of the Rules on Academic Degrees. The dissertation shall be examined accordingly with no difference to the current enrolled students.